Arham Rose Agarbatti
Arham Rose Agarbatti
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ARHAM Rose Agarbatti - Premium Incense sticks are a perfect blend of rolled sticks made with Indian forest roots, essential oils & herbs. As per the Indian culture burning incense sticks is considered a basic step towards purifying your home, creating a balance & eliminating negative energies appearing the deities. Incense Sticks has always been at first position while offering prayers in pooja Experience the pure tradition at your home, office & temples. ROSE (Gulaab) is symbol of eternal love & spiritual joy. People all over the world offer roses to their deities as a symbolic act of pure love. The strong sweet smell of a rose brings to mind the powerful sweetness of love, which is the essence of God. The aroma is pleasant, refreshing & calm. Freshens the air and eliminates bad odours. Burning time: approx 30-45 minutes. Ideal for creating a calming atmosphere at home, office, Meditations room, spa. Perfect for pujas, aroma therapy and meditation. Safety directions: Burn away from children and pets. Ensure that ashes fall on a fireproof and heat-resistant surface.

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