Bodysoul Meditation Lemon grass Incense Sticks 25 g
Bodysoul Meditation Lemon grass Incense Sticks 25 g
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Therapeutic aroma: The convenience of using Body Soul Lemongrass is that, along with its calming effect on your mind, it also adds a lilting aroma in your home.The soft fragrances enhance the aesthetics of your space while adding a tantalizing and sensual aura to the ambience around you. It has the elegance and ability to change the mood anywhere and everywhere.This compact pack of incense sticks has the herbal aroma which works as a relaxant and encourages a positive atmosphere. Body Soul Lemongrass home fragrance is especially interesting because it brings home the soft natural scent of the grass fields and the idyllic mood of the countryside.The charcoal-free, organic incense sticks are a class apart from the ones you get in the market. Designed and cultured by perfumers, Body Soul Lemongrass is an aroma that makes it a safe and eco-friendly incense to use at home.

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