Arham Tulsi Premium Incense Sticks
Arham Tulsi Premium Incense Sticks
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ARHAM Tulsi Agarbatti - Premium Incense sticks are a perfect blend of rolled sticks made with Indian forest roots, essential oils & herbsTulsi is the most desirable offering to the divine. Infuse your home with the warm yet intense aroma of Tulsi Incense Sticks by ARHAM. As per the Indian culture burning incense sticks is considered a basic step towards purifying your home, creating a balance & eliminating negative energies appearing the deities. The ARHAM Tulsi Incense Sticks mosquito repellent Incense cleans the air and kills bacteria and germs in the surrounding.This organic mosquito repellent sticks can be use for Purifying the environment & to generate Positivity at homes and work place. These organic Tulsi incense sticks can be use for Puja,these desi cowdung dhoop batti / organic mosquito repellent can be use for Hawan,these organic dhoop sticks can be use for meditation,this organic incense stick dhup can be use for Room Fragrance as well.

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