Scented Candle Gift Pack With Holder - Multi-fragrance
Scented Candle Gift Pack With Holder - Multi-fragrance
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Scented candles set of 6 jars with burning capacity of approx 5 hours with Orange Fragrance .These candles use in special festival diwali gift party birthday wedding ceremonial and gifting. Safety instruction- Never leave a burning candle unattended. Pure Source India smokeless Scented candles ,Package of 6 Scented candles .This Quality of candles you can enjoy the warm glow of a fine candle while enjoying the maximum safety of the same. If you are in a restaurant, party planner or just enjoy dining to the romantic touch of candle, this quality long burning will deliver the ultimate and lasting radiation of warmth. made with a special technique to prevent early burn out of your the candle. these candles are an efficient and inexpensive, cost effective form of candle lighting for your ritual and religious ceremonies or any type of celebrations and Holidays.

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